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  • 4G LTE Wireless-N Auto Failover Firewall Router
BiPAC 4500NZL, 4G LTE Wireless-N Auto Failover Router, embedded with 4G LTE and Gigabit EWAN interface that offers 4G LTE failover and failback capability and robust IPSec protocols for business users to establish private encrypted tunnels over the public Internet. The auto-failover feature ensures maximum connectivity and minimum interruption by quickly and smoothly connecting to a 3G/4G LTE network in the event that your fixed line fails.
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Key Features
  • Dual-WAN ports - Gigabit Ethernet WAN (EWAN) and 3G/4G LTE for broadband connectivity
  • 4G LTE embedded with a built-in SIM card slot
  • Gigabit WAN and LAN
  • Fibre (FTTC/FTTP/FTTH) ready with high WAN throughput
  • Embedded IPSec, PPTP and L2TP endpoint/server with powerful encryption
  • IPv6 ready (IPv4/IPv6 dual stack)
  • DS- Lite and 6RD*1
  • USB port for storage/NAS - SAMBA server, FTP server
  • QoS for traffic prioritization
  • Multiple wireless SSIDs with wireless guest access
  • Supports IPTV applications*2
  • Ideal for SOHO, office, and home users

Auto fail-over between 4G and EWAN
With the 4G LTE failover and failback capability, we provide a secure, high-speed solution to backup the internet connection in case of any network failure. The auto failover feature ensures maximum connectivity and minimum interruption by quickly and smoothly connecting to a 3G/4G LTE network in the event that your fixed line fails. The device will then automatically reconnect to the fixed line connection when it's restored, ideal for office situations where a constant and uninterrupted connection is critical.

Wireless Mobility and Security
With an integrated 802.11n Wireless Access Point, this router delivers up to 3 times the wireless coverage of a 802.11b/g network device, so that wireless access is available everywhere in the house or office. If your network requires wider coverage, the built-in Wireless Distribution System (WDS) allows you to expand your wireless network without additional wires or cables. The BiPAC 4500NZ also supports the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) standard and allows users to establish a secure wireless network just by pressing a button. Multiple SSIDs allow users to access different networks through a single access point. Network managers can assign different policies and functions for each SSID, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the network infrastructure.

IPv6 Ready - Pathway to the Future
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a version of the Internet Protocol that is designed to succeed IPv4. IPv6 has a vastly larger address space than IPv4. The router is already supporting IPv6, you can use it in IPv6 environment no need to change device. The dual-stack protocol implementation in an operating system is a fundamental IPv4-to-IPv6 transition technology. It implements IPv4 and IPv6 protocol stacks either independently or in a hybrid form. The hybrid form is commonly implemented in modern operating systems supporting IPv6.

1. Future release and only upon request for Telco/ ISP tender projects.
2. IPTV application may require subscription to IPTV services from a Telco/ISP.
3. Only upon request for Telco/ ISP tender projects.
4. Specifications in this datasheet are subject to change without prior notice. 
WAN Interface
Hardware Interface
SIM slot 1
Fast Ethernet -
Giga Ethernet 4
USB 2.0 1
802.11n (2.4 GHz) 300Mbps
802.11ac (5 GHz)
PoE-PD -
IPv4 / IPv6
Failover / Fallback
Load balance -
Dual APNs ● *Dual APNs is depended on module
Dual firmware images -
IP65 -
IP67 -
BBU (battery backup unit) -
Hardware Specifications
Physical Specifications Dimensions: 9.04" x 6.10" x 1.69" (229.5 mm x 155 mm x 43mm)
Power Requirements Input: 15V DC, 1.6A
Operating Environment Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 40 °C
Humidity 20% - 95% non-condensing

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